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.travel domain

What is .travel?

.travel is a top level domain name that is exclusive to the travel and tourism sector.

Unlike .com, .net, .org, or .travel, .travel is only available to travel and tourism related businesses such as travel agents, tour operators, airlines, travel media, coach operators, etc. For a full list of eligible categories, go to

.travel domain name

Companies wishing to acquire a .travel name must first be authenticated as legitimate travel and tourism related businesses before purchasing (a).travel name(s). Only then can they purchase a .travel name(s). There are over 20 .travel registrars or resellers across the world.

Any eligible business can purchase one or more .travel domain names. The only requirement is that content relevant to the domain name must be up within 60 days of purchase.

There are over 200,000 .travel registered names around the world.

Why register a .travel name?

  • Visibility

    A .travel site is the best place to find any travel related information and performs exceptionally well in search engines.
  • Brand

    Unlike and .com, which are close to reaching saturation, there are still over 2,000,000 .travel domain names available!
  • Identity

    .travel presents a clear message of your company. Registering your business with .travel shows the world that you are a recognised part of the travel community.
  • Marketing

    .travel stretches your marketing and advertising budgets around the globe. A website ending in .travel rather than .uk or .fr is much more visible outside its home market.

How do I purchase a .travel name? will be pleased to help you through the .travel registration process. It begins with an eligibility review, a simple step which we can facilitate and speed up for you.

Step 1: Authentication

Click below to submit your application and get authenticated.

Upon receipt of application, you will receive a Unique Identification Number (UIN) and a confirmation email will be sent showing your eligibility.

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Step 2: Registration

Contact an approved .travel registrar with your UIN number and the name(s) you are interested in purchasing.

Click below to view the list of .travel registrars.

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Are you a Travel & Tourism Association and wish to offer .travel to your members?

You can promote .travel on your website, become an Authenticating Provider and earn commissions! Your members authentication requests will automatically been approved by Tralliance and you can also recommend a registrar to your members and offer them discounted rates.

Do you want to become a .travel reseller?

If you have a website offering travel and tourism related products such as web services, why not become a .travel reseller?

By partnering with Tralliance and the registrar of your choice, you will earn commissions!

If you require additional information about .travel or wish to become an Authentication provider or a reseller, please feel free to contact us.