Servieres Consulting

Why choose us?

We attribute our success to date partly to our methodology, which usually – at least for major projects – begins with an initial face to face meeting to discuss your needs and priorities and clearly define the project scope with your full participation and approval. On taking your brief, and with your agreement, we then bring our extensive experience and industry knowledge to bear on a careful process of assessment and strategy planning.

Our down-to-earth approach, emphasizing honesty and practicality, is always designed to ensure that your realistic objectives are met. We will not waste your time and money on ill-conceived market research or the production of elaborate but irrelevant reports. We understand that your time and resources are precious and will normally agree in advance our fixed price bid with reasonable terms for any necessary expenses.

Servieres Consulting will place at your disposal:

  • Over 15 years of wide-ranging industry experience and a proven track record of success
  • Planning, development and management of ambitious projects throughout the UK, continental Europe, North and South America
  • Strong client relationship building skills in different industry sectors and markets
  • Excellent knowledge of the online travel market, trends and challenges
  • Online Travel expertise
  • Huge international database of hotels, tour operators, travel agents and tourist boards
  • A practical tailor-made approach to strategy, planning and project work
  • Access to a wide network of international business partners and associates
  • A growing portfolio of prestigious international clients
  • Substantial sales, marketing and business development expertise
  • Language skills (English-French)
  • Extensive knowledge of foreign policy, regulations and industry history
  • First-hand experience of multicultural working environments and work overseas
  • A talent for turning theory into practice with creative solutions and original thinking
  • An efficient results-driven focus on the delivery of our clients’ objectives
  • Honest and practical advice – if we really can’t help you, we will simply say so!

All projects can be carried out either in English or French